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At Goulene Advogados we understand that not all the Law Firms are the same and choosing a Law Firm is a very important decision, that’s why we follow some main differentials as specialized knowledge at all areas we deal with.

As a modern Law Firm, our team at Goulene Advogados allies severe practical experience providing secure and based solutions.

Goulene Advogados practice extends from the main areas of business law to developing areas like Environmental law, and the law relating to agribusiness and information technology.

Consistent with French and American economic base, GD also has extensive experience in international and investment law, including foreign companies’ acquisitions in Brazil, joint ventures and debt and equity financing transactions.

An important aspect of GD’s clients is that the resources of the firm are available to each and every client, with no difference between them. That’s the reason we provide that the most qualified lawyers are made available to achieve each client's needs.

One of GD's significant strengths is our ability to quickly assemble an experienced team, allowing us to respond to the client’s needs efficiently and promptly. We are also used to working away from our offices, by using today's technology we can provide to our clients a virtual in-company actuation, doesn’t matter their location.

One lawyer/partner is given the responsibility to act as the main contact to identify a client's legal issues, appoint the appropriate professional resources and ensure delivery of our services in efficient manner.

We also recognize that, in order to deliver a high level of service to our clients, it is necessary to become familiar with their business and the issues that they are faced. The reason for that is we view ourselves as a part of our clients' teams and understand their needs, and work proactively to develop innovative approaches to success.


Our goal is to advise, assist and get on with Brazilian and foreign investors projects.

Our multiple deployments in Brazil provide a main support to all stages of a safe, reliable and solid investment, as a simple implementation, a shares acquisition or even corporate partnerships between Brazilian and foreign companies.

Whether a Lawsuit is necessary, based on our extensive knowledge, we ensure our client’s representation in Brazilian courts with complete efficiency and commitment, either through the Brazilian Judiciary or foreign, or in the arbitration courts with headquarters Brazil or abroad.

Our clientele is diverse and comes in various sectors such as distribution, logistics, heavy and soft engineering, services, agriculture, automotive and aerospace equipment, or even technology.

The profile of our clients is international both as regards the Brazilian companies dealing with foreign partners and foreign companies interested in investing in Brazil.

We rely on an office in Paris and in Washington DC, with the Brazilian experience, oriented to service of Brazilians who invest in Europe or the USA.

The size of our team allows a flexible and pragmatic treatment, offering a unique service for each customer.




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